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Air Dryers

Moisture is the enemy of pneumatic systems, and SMC has a wide array of air dryers to keep moisture out of your systems. A wide range of sizes are available to meet flow ranges from 10~1000 liters per minute  (ANR) and dew points from -15 to -60 degrees C.

Refrigerated Air Dryers
IDF* series refrigerated air dryers are available in multiple configurations for use around the world.  These standard inlet air temperture models (max. 122~149°F [50~65°C]) reliably generate dew points down to 37°F (2.°C) that is suitable for most industrial applications.  All feature environmentally friendly R134a or R407C refrigerants, compact designs and stainless steel heat exchangers.
Membrane Air Dryers
Designed for convenient point of use drying without the need for electrical power, membrane dryers utilize hollow fiber membranes to remove water vapor from compressed air. Permeable to water vapor but not air, the IDG series can achieve pressure dew points as low as -44°F (-42°C) and ISO 8573-1 moisture classes from 2 to 6.…
Heatless Regenerative Dryers
Regenerative desiccant drying systems provide the greatest level of drying capability amongst widely available drying technologies. The ID and IDW series are heatless units that produce atmospheric dew points of -22°F (-30°C) and below and ISO 8573-1 moisture classes of class 3 and better. Heatless designs alternate between two desiccant columns and use a small…

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