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Accessories like the TK tube cutter, tube stands and reels as well as the TG tube release tool makes installation and maintenance easier and more organized.

SMC's TB-2 tube stand offers a convenient, easy method to store tubing. Designed to replace the TB-1 model, the TB-2 tube stand is more compact, offers a cutter hook and replaces the tube stand core with a stay bar.
TBR tube reels are designed for convenient storage in SMC's TB-2 tube stand. A one-touch (snap-fit) mounting makes it easy to put tubing on or remove it from the tube reel.
Tube cutter series, TK contains a safety lock feature and is used for cutting tubes of nylon, soft nylon, polyurethane, and other soft plastic tubes of 20mm or less.
The multi-tube connector series TM allows for easy loading and arrangement of tubing while also having a firm hold of tubing. The TM series uses a flame resistant polypropylene material and comes in the standard color black.
TKS series was designed for easy tube stripping and compactness. TKS series can strip the outer layer tubing of SMC's flame resistant double layer tubing TRB (nylon) and TRBU (polyurethane) series. Since TKS can be attached to an electric tool, automatic stripping work is possible.
Tube releasing tool, series TG, makes it possible to detach tubing from one-touch fittings in tight spaces difficult to access with both hands.  Releasing tool TG-1 is blue in color, and is compatible with metric tube sizes ø4 and ø6.  Releasing tool TG-2 is red in color, and is compatible with inch tube sizes 1/8" and 1/4".

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