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Check Valve

Check valves block the flow of fluid in one direction while permitting flow in the other.  This prevention of back flow can be an integral part of a circuit to maintain pressure, hold actuator postion or protect devices from reverse flow.  Simple check valves only permit flow in one direction while pilot operated check valves can permit reverse flow when released via a pilot signal.  All SMC check valves feature low cracking pressure in the normal flow direction.

Standard Check Valve
Standard SMC check valves are available in both threaded and One-touch configurations to create a uni-directional flow path.  Threaded models are available up to 1" size and 725 psi (5.0 MPa) operating pressure.  One-touch models can accommodate tubing from 5/32"/4mm to 12mm or 1/2"
Pilot Check Valve
SMC pilot check valves permit flow in one direction and only allow reverse flow if supplied with an appropriate pilot signal.  They are available in thread sizes up to 1", and many configurations integrate One-touch connections for installation convenience.  The several ASP series models integrate a speed control function for additional versatility.

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