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The SJ series is a compact and low profile cassette based 4 port solenoid valve and manifold.  SJ2000 measures 7.5mm wide, while the SJ3000 is 10mm wide and they can be combined to one manifold.  The Vacuum Release Valve with Restrictor is also available.

2000 Series
SJ2000 series provides flow rate up to 0.08 Cv in a 7.5mm valve body.  It is available as a Plug-in connector type or Non Plug-in individual wiring type.
3000 Series
SJ3000 series provides flow rate up to 0.12 Cv in a 10mm valve body.  It is available as a plug-in connector type or Non plug-in individual wiring type.
Series SJ3A6 is a vacuum release valve equipped with a restrictor to enable flow rate adjustment of released air. This space saving series is 10mm wide, designed in a cassette type format and uses a card-edge type connector. The SJ3A6 valves are compatible with Serial Interface units for both CC-Link and DeviceNet™ protocols.

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