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Controllers & Drivers

Controllers and drivers needed for our electric actuator family.  You will find step motor, servo motor and card motor controllers as well as 24VDC Fieldbus gateway units and AC servo drivers.

24VDC Step Motor Controller
The 24VDC step motor, LE’s most common motor, includes encoder feedback. It is ideal for transfer of a high workload at a low speed, and for pushing operations. SMC offers numerous controllers to operate these step motors, depending upon the desired relationship with the PLC. Step motors can be controlled by calls to a step…
24VDC Servo Motor Controller
Several series, including rod, slider and slide table types, can be configured with a 24VDC servo motor. Maximum work load is lower than the step motor, but remains constant over the full speed range. Servo motors can be operated by a step data table controller interfacing directly with the PLC, or via fieldbus network directed…
24VDC Fieldbus
SMC offers several fieldbus protocol enabled controllers for LE’s 24VDC step motor actuators. Single axis direct input controllers are available for Ethernet/IP and CC-Link. Also, there is a 4-axis controller with Ethernet/IP capability. A gateway device offers network access using CC-Link DeviceNet, Profibus or Ethernet/IP protocol as well. The gateway can connect up to 12…
AC Servo Drivers
LE’s AC servo motors offer higher speeds and accelerations than DC types, as well as higher torques for larger actuators. Incremental and absolute pulse input drivers are available, as well as network models for CC-Link fieldbus protocol and Mitsubishi’s SSCNET.
Card Motor Controller
The LATC4 controller exclusively operates the LAT3 magnetic drive card motor. Laptop software is easy to follow, including screens for step data and I/O setup, as well as monitoring and testing operations. The easier of two step data entry modes requires only target position, positioning time, and load weight.
24VDC with IO-Link
The JXCL1 is a single axis controller for the 24VDC step motors of LE series electric actuators.  This controller supports the IO-Link communication protocol.  When paired with an IO-Link master, it is possible to monitor status, reset alarms, set step data, and input motion controls directly from the PLC's HMI screen.  A full range of…

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