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Process Pumps

Fluid process pumps are designed specifically to meet industry demands, SMC's series diaphragm pumps are constructed to be used with using high purity chemicals.  Our pumps are lightweight, compact, high flow rate solution to meet the most demanding needs.

Series PA is a double acting, compact, large capacity diaphragm pump suitable for transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids. The PA series is available in 3 types; automatically operated, air operated or automatically operated with a built-in pulsation attenuator.
The PB series is a compact, single acting diaphragm pump which is suitable for transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids. The PB series is available with a built-in solenoid valve or in an air operated style. Space is saved due to the centralization of piping and wiring areas on the top and…
Designed specifically to meet industry demands, the PAF series diaphragm pump is constructed with no metallic body parts to ensure perfect compatibility when using high purity chemicals.  All wetted parts are made from either new PFA or PTFE, and the use of PPS/PFA dual construction improves both proof pressure and heat cycle perforrmance.  The PAF…
LSP series is a compact solenoid diaphragm pump for liquid. It dispenses fixed amount of liquid from 5uL to 200uL each time it is energized. Its diaphragm movement is supported by buffer, extending life of the product and improve its repeatability (+/1%) by restricting deformation of the diaphragm. LSP is used in applications such as…

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