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Valves & Pumps, Chemicals/Pure Water

Solenoid valve is designed for special applications like air, gas, steam, water and oil.  The VXK includes a Y type strainer installed inside the body to remove foreign materials mixed in fluids  before they enter the actuating part of the valve (armature), as well as preventing the flow of foreign materials to downstream equipment.  The VXH is high pressure capable of a maximum operating pressure is 2.0  MPa.

2/3 Port Solenoid Valve for Chemicals
Compact 2 and 3 port solenoid valve for chemicals. It is designed to meet the most advanced needs of process controls in various analytical and inspection equipment. LVM's unique internal chamber design reduces the swept volume to a minimum and can mean zero dead volume and carry over. LVM is available in 4 different body…
LSP Liquid Dispense Pump
LSP series is a compact solenoid diaphragm pump for liquid. It dispenses fixed amount of liquid from 5uL to 200uL each time it is energized. Its diaphragm movement is supported by buffer, extending life of the product and improve its repeatability (+/- 1%) by restricting deformation of the diaphragm. LSP is used in applications such…

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