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Fan Ionizers

Unlike bar or nozzle types, this fan ionizer does not require a pneumatic air supply.  The fan draws in ambient air, then ionizes the air with four electrodes located around the perimeter of the discharge  grill.  The fan can be wired into a 24VDC machine power supply, or use the optional 120V AC adapter.  The small form factor adapts well to enclosure mounting, or select the benchtop mounting bracket for free  positioning.

IZF10, Fan Type Ionizer
The IZF10 is SMC's compact fan ionizer. The fan ionizer emits static eliminating ions using ambient air, suitable for when an air supply is inconvenient or unavailable. Treatment area can be up to 1200mm / 47 in away. The fan is operated by a power switch, with an ion balance adjustment trimmer in the back.…
IZF10/IZS40, AC Adapter
AC Adapter for series IZF10 and IZS40 ionizers. Option with or without AC cord. Note: NOTcompatible with IZS41/42.
IZF10, Mounting Bracket
Mounting bracket for series IZF10 Fan Ionizers
IZF21/31, Fan Type Ionizer
The IZF21/31 fans offer market-leading performance, functionality, size and accessories. Treat an area up to 2' x 8', neutralizing static as rapidly as 0.5s while achieving a ±5V balance. 8 emitters provide high ion output, and reverse polarity each time power is supplied, increasing durability. Controls include a power switch, 10-speed fan adjuster, and ion…
IZF10R, Small Fan Ionizer w/Air Flow Function
The IZF10R shares the same fan size and ±13V ion balance with the IZF10, with two new features. A new 4-speed fan adjuster knob is added, including one higher and one lower speed for faster neutralization and greater range, or quieter operation. In addition to the high current/high voltage switch output, a second output signal…

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