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Nozzle Ionizers

SMC offers two industrial static control options for compact or confined target treatment areas.  The IZN Nozzle Ionizer is a palm-sized, self-contained static control device with a cable for PLC I/O and power supply connections.  The IZT43 pairs a smaller ionizing head with separate power supply and control modules, for even more confined applications up to 3m from the operator's workstation.

IZN10, Electrode Cartridge Assembly
Replacement electrode cartridge for the Series IZN10 nozzle ionizer. Electrode needle assembly included.
IZN10E, Ionizer, Nozzle Type
The IZN10E is SMC's nozzle ionizer.  The nozzle ionizer emits an air-assisted cone of static eliminating ions for focused targets 2 inches or smaller, up to 20 inches away.  The nozzle can be used with an optional sensor and monitor to suspend emission when static elimination is complete, or when the target is not present. …
IZT43, Nozzle Ionizer, Separate Controller and Power Supply Module
The IZT43 nozzle ionizer combines a compact emitter head with separate controller and power supply modules to enable static control treatment in spaces with limited clearance.  When an air supply is connected to the built-in fitting, the nozzle can project a cone of static eliminating ions toward a target up to 2000mm/6.5 ft away.  The…
IZTP, High-voltage Power Supply Module
The IZTP power supply module is the high-voltage source component for the IZT static control system.  Modules generate ions in AC (+/- blended ions), DC (fixed polarity ions), or Dual AC (low amplitude +/- blended ions) mode, depending on selection and as directed by the controller.  This component is available individually to expand an existing…
IZTC, Controller
The IZTC controller is the operating component for the IZT static control system.  This component is available for individual selection as a replacement or to upgrade a system from the standard IZT40 bar system to a system with auto balance and operation feedback, Dual AC, or mixed IZTB bars and IZTN nozzles.  A complete system…
IZTN43, Nozzle Ionizer
The IZTN43 nozzle ionizer is the ion emitting component of the IZT43 static control system.  This component is available individually as an additional nozzle to expand an existing system, or as a replacement.  A complete system consists of 1 to 4 nozzles, an IZTP power supply module for each nozzle, and a single IZTC controller,…

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