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SMC offers products for detecting static in your applications.  If you have numerous areas that are prone to generating static, the IZH10 handheld electrostatic meter is a useful tool to diagnose the presence  and intensity of electrostatic fields before solutions are implemented. Once ionizers have been deployed, this mobile device can also be used to monitor their success and watch for maintenance opportunities. If  a permanent installation is desired, the IZD10 electrostatic sensor can be paired with the IZE11 sensor monitor for ongoing observation in a fixed location. The IZE11 monitor translates the IZD10 sensor's output  into an LED display of the static level, as well as two user definable switch outputs and ananalog output. These outputs can trigger maintenance alarms or operation signals for the bar and nozzle ionizers.

IZD10, Electrostatic Sensor
The IZD10 is SMC's standalone electrostatic sensor. The sensor is a pre-wired assembly including sensor head, sensor amplifier, and cable with flying leads. It is intended to be paired with the IZE11 monitor for output reading.
IZE11, Electrostatic Sensor Monitor
The IZE11 is SMC's electrostatic sensor monitor, to be used with the IZD10 sensor. The monitor has a 2-color display and can be bracket or panel mounted. Outputs include 2 switches and 1 analog range. The monitor has multiple functions such as peak and bottom hold, as well as error diagnostics.
IZH10, Handheld Electrostatic Meter
The IZH10 is SMC's handheld electrostatic meter. This meter features two function buttons and a backlit LCD display. The meter can be used to investigate and verify static electricity charges up to +/- 20,000 V.

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