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Main Line Filters

SMC's upstream air preparation filters separate and remove mist and particles in compressed air that is difficult to remove with standard air filters. Depending on the unit, removal of contaminants down to  0.01 micron is possible. Large capacity filters and centrifugal water separators are also available.

The AMG series water separator is installed on the air pressure line to remove water drops from compressed air. It is available in 7 sizes with a variety of optional combinations to meet your application requirements.
Series AM provides an initial stae of coalescing filtration to remove particulates as fine as 0.1 microns from compressed air.  Applied properly, they can reduce oil carryover to 1 mg/m³ / 0.8 ppm or less (ISO8573-1 class 3 oil carryover.
Series AMD is a secondary stage of coalescing filtration to remove particles of 0.01 micron from compressed air.  Applied properly, they can reduce oil carryover to 0.1 mg/m³ / 0.08 ppm or less (ISO8573-1 class 2 oil carryover).
Series AME separates and adsorbs aerosol state fine oil particles in compressed air and changes the oil lubricating compressed air to oil-free equivalent air. It should be applied for filtration of compressed air requiring high cleanliness for coating lines, compressed air for clean rooms and compressed air for equipment necessary to avoid oils.
Series AMH is a high precision, micro-mist separator combined with a prefilter. The AMH can separate and eliminate aerosol state oil mist in compressed air and remove carbon or dust of more than 0.01micron. The AMH series is suitable for drying/cleaning pneumatic measurement instruments (air micrometer) and precision parts.
Series AFF is strongly recommended as a pre-filter for a refrigerated dryer to avoid fouling of the dryer's heat exchanger.
Series AMF odor removal filter efficiently removes odor in compressed air with an activated carbon element. The unit is designed for use in food processing, pharmaceutical, and brewing systems where odor must be removed.
AFW large capacity compressed air filters and centrifugal water separators ensure high quality compressed air, which is essential to pneumatic and automation systems.  Correct air preparation minimizes component failure, increases the operating life of equipment and reduces energy consumption.  Filters and separators are suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oils, plus oil-free compressed air…

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